Origin story

I started to design templates in InDesign for storyboards first, then for my illustration and design clients. I began to share free storyboard templates on my site. Despite targeting a niche audience, they rapidly became popular. Later on I added pay-as-you want templates, for InDesign, Pages and Keynote. These templates have in aggregate over 40K users.

Templates Supply gives you an overview of all the available templates published so far.

Save time with a growing selection of free and pay-as-you-want templates for freelancers, graphic designers, illustrators, film producers, art directors, and architects. The current offering includes film treatments, storyboards, architecture presentations, advertising layouts, portfolios, books, accounting, and legal documents.


If you are working freelance, I am rooting for you and have gathered a few documents that may be useful. From invoices samples to overdue letters to design portfolios, presentations, and more. Check out all the templates for freelancers.

Directors, Filmmakers, Photographers, Production Houses and Advertising Agencies

Do you need a storyboard template? You have found the ultimate place. Your film treatment presentation must be ready by tomorrow morning? Say no more. Got a client pitch in half an hour? No stress. Paste your text and drop your pictures in one of these Keynote themes or Pages templates, and you are ready to go!

Animation Directors, Story Artists, Anime Studios

Besides storyboard templates, here is a selection of the finest anime storyboard templates, and there is a lot more to come!

Designers, Art Directors, and Architects

Presentation matters. Carefully designed templates will secure you more than a few hours over the competition. Whether you need a layout for your portfolio, design presentation, or annual report, chances are you will find it here. If you are looking for something else, ask for a custom design. And come back often to see what’s new on offer.

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