Feature Film Storyboard Theme for widescreen set in Courier 10pt

A ready to use feature film storyboard theme for Apple Keynote

This is an feature film storyboard theme for Apple Keynote, in the widely used 1.85:1 aspect ratio—a common US widescreen cinema standard—on DIN A4 horizontal (landscape). This theme has 8 master slides and is ready for print or screen use.

To create your storyboard, first add a new slide (in the left area navigator), you can change your slide layout (Slide Layout > Change Master button) in the right navigation panel (View > Inspector > Format).

Then chose your layout in the left navigator. Pick a title page, then a storyboard layout. Choose whether you use text or not, page, scenes and shot numbers. You can use the rule of thirds guides to help you reframe your shots (View > Guides & Hide > Guides). If you need consistent changes in the appearance of your layout, use the Edit Master Slide button in the right navigation panel.

There are also a number of arrows located in the last master slide; you can copy an arrow and paste it into your document to indicate camera move, movement within the shot and character’s eyes direction. If you need more arrows, you can get them for free here: https://gum.co/storyboard-arrows.

This template is in English, the body text is set in the classic screenplay form type, Courier 10 points. You’ll find different styles for your text in the Format panel.

This theme will help you put together your feature film storyboards in a neat presentation quickly.

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I would totally use this template!

Software: Apple Keynote

Format: DIN A4 landscape
Film Ratio: 1.85:1

Apple Keynote feature film storyboard theme 1.85:1 (widescreen) Courier 10pt on DIN A4 landscape.

$ 6.99+