InDesign Poster Template

DIN A2 Poster template Helvetica + Adobe Garamond Pro

This Adobe InDesign DIN A2 (594 x 420 mm) poster template is an excellent starting point for your poster design, based on a Modernist grid inspired by the work of the legendary Italian designer Massimo Vignelli.

It is a simple design with large text set in Helvetica and four columns in Adobe Garamond Pro with a square grid.

The templates let you work with different layers: Text for the copy, Borders, and Images, meant for the background picture(s) and illustration(s). Besides, Rows and Secondary Rows complete columns to form the grid.

This design is a starter, not a final document. These 12 pages variations are there to get you started and help you structure your poster design.

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Software: InDesign

Format: DIN A2 portrait
Page ratio: √2:1/1.414 (ISO 216)

InDesign DIN A2 Poster template Helvetica + Adobe Garamond Pro.

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