Lean Business Model Canvas Template for Obsidian

One-page business plan template

Lean canvas, adapted from Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas by Ash Maurya, is a strategic tool used by entrepreneurs and businesses to develop and communicate their business model. It is a one-page template that helps to break down a business idea into its key components, including customer segments, value proposition, channels, revenue streams, cost structure, and more.

Obsidian is a note-taking app that allows users to create and organize notes in a unique way. It is designed for people who prefer to take a more interconnected and contextual approach to note-taking, rather than organizing notes hierarchically in folders. It takes full advantage of writing in Markdown to connect and visualise ideas within a beautiful interface.

After downloading the lean canvas folder from GitHub, pick the “open folder as vault” option in Obsidian.

You can then start filling your business model canvas. The template has a bunch of Markdown files, one for each box or building block. The .canvas file gathers all these text files together. You can input text on each .md file separately or type everything in the single .canvas document.

Lean Canvas template for Obsidian and Obsidian Kanban

Get it from GitHub