Free storyboard template for widescreen on DIN A4 portrait

1.85:1 aspect ratio storyboard template

You can edit this production storyboard template for 1.85:1 ratio (widescreen) with Adobe InDesign. The InDesign Markup IDML format works from Adobe InDesign CS4 up to the current InDesign CC 2020 version. This Din A4 vertical (portrait) sheets template is ideal for print or screen view, and many film productions use it for their presentations.

The template is simple to use: edit the Text layer, the body text set in Univers 45 Light 10pt with 12,027pt leading. Drop your board pictures in the Images layer. You can toggle on and off the Rule of Thirds layer (locked) to reframe your composition. Make this template your own: change the accent color, fill in the title page, add your credit and client details, replace the logo. And that’s all you need to do to get a professional-looking presentation storyboard in no time.

To edit the footer, use the A-Master. Please note that you should own the Univers license with the font installed on your machine for this template to work as intended.

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Nice! I want this template!

Watch this template in use here:

You can get a similar free template for InDesign here: Get the (free) horizontal version here:

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Software: InDesign

Format: DIN A4 portrait
Screen ratio: 1.85:1

A free storyboard template for 1.85:1 aspect ratio (widescreen) on A4 horizontal sheets.

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