Free brushes set for Photoshop πŸ–Œ

Free drawing brushes set

This is a set of 12 drawing brushes that I use for storyboards in Adobe Photoshop.

This set focus on linear drawing and inking, there are also crayon/charcoal brushes for texture fills, along with free-flowing, calligraphic brushes.

Download the ABR. file from Gumroad, then, in Photoshop CC 2020/2021 use the Import Brushes… button from the brushes menu to install the brushes and start drawing.

You can also import these in Procreate.

(Click on the picture for for more info.)

Get 12 brushes πŸ–Œ Click on the picture for for more info.

Import easily into your brushes tool menu.

Give me those free brushes!

Software: Photoshop βŽ₯ Procreate

Format: ABR

Free drawing brushes set for Photoshop.

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