Indesign Storyboard Template 2x1 Univisium Avenir Light 10pt A4 Horizontal

2:1 (18:9) or Univisium storyboard template

This is a storyboard template for Adobe InDesign (InDesign Markup IDML format, compatible with all InDesign versions since CS4 up to InDesign 2020). The frame ratio is 2:1 (18:9), which is cinematographer Vittorio Storaro’s Univisium film format. The number of feature films using this format has been growing in recent years. Immersive 360° films such as virtual reality videos also use an equirectangular image format with a 2:1 aspect ratio.

This 18 sheets layout is set on a Din A4 horizontal (landscape) format, ready to use for print and screen presentations. This template lets you write your screenplay or treatment notes alongside your pictures and number them. Simply edit the Text and Images layers in InDesign. The text is set in Avenir Light in 10pt. For images, just drop your pictures in the Images layer. Pictures should align with the square grid—each subdivision equals to 12,027² points to match the leading. You can toggle on and off the Rule of thirds guides (you will find these in the top locked layer) to help you frame your compositions.

Fill in the title page, replace the logo and credentials. To edit the footer at once, use the A-Master for white background pages or the B-Master for black background.

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An similar template exists for the US Letter format, you can get it here:

You can also get free vector arrows icons to show camera moves here:

Software: InDesign

Format: DIN A4 landscape
Film Ratio: 2:1 (18:9) or Univisium

InDesign Storyboard Template 2:1 (18:9) or Univisium — Avenir Light 10pt on DIN A4 landscape

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