InDesign storyboard template for 1.85:1 films with numbered boxes

InDesign Storyboard template 1.85:1 Courier 10 on DIN A4 vertical with pagination and numbered boxes

This is a modular storyboard template layout that you can edit with Adobe InDesign. IDML (InDesign Markup) format is compatible with all InDesign versions from CS4 to CC 2023.

This storyboard template has 28 DIN A4 vertical (portrait) pages, ready to use. All you have to do is change the Text and Images layers in InDesign to make it your own. Fill in the title page, add your credits, project details, and your logo. Write your treatment notes alongside your pictures. Then your presentation is ready! The body text uses the classic screenplay form type Courier 10 points with 12,376 points leading. For images, drop your pictures in the Images layer. You can show or hide the rule of thirds layer guides located in the top locked layer to help you frame your compositions.

Duplicate the spreads or pages you want to use. Remove unnecessary sheets. To edit the footer at once, use the A-Pagination master in Pages. Keep in mind that pages content is not centered, allowing a little more space between pages for binding.

The document grid corresponds to the 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Pictures should align to the baseline grid. The document grid modules themselves abide by the 1.85:1 ratio exactly as they should. Which means you can build any variation on top of the initial template’s grid with ease! Now that’s cool. The smallest module is 22,895 by 12,376 points, its height matches the document body text’s leading.

You can always hide the baseline grid and/or the document grid for clarity. (View > Grids & Guides > Show Baseline Grid & Hide Baseline Grid). You need the Courier font installed on your machine to use this template.

This template will save you time and help you design beautiful presentations.

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I’d love this template, please!

The template comes with a few vector arrows to indicate camera moves. If you need more arrows, you can get them for free here:

You can get a similar template for 2.00:1 aspect ratio here:

For 16:9 (1.77:1) aspect ratio here:

There is also a version of this template (1.85:1) on DIN A4 horizontal:

Software: InDesign

Format: DIN A4 portrait
Screen ratio: 1.85:1

InDesign Storyboard template 1.85:1 Courier 10 on DIN A4 vertical with pagination and numbered boxes

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