Supply, a Jekyll theme

Supply is an e-commerce template for Jekyll + Gumroad, designed with Tachyons CSS by alternatyves. If you are a Gumroad creator, you can use Supply with Jekyll to display products within your site or blog.

I demand Supply!



Demo Site with documentation


To display products, Supply uses a collection called product You will find a series of product samples in the _products collection folder. By design, all the products are on display on the home page, in Supply, that is ìndex.html. You can manually create pages based on this index to sort your products or any other collection by custom variable.

You can also add your products in regular posts, using the Gumroad overlay, embed, and hyperlinks method, thanks to an include snippet.

Write something like:

<a href=" class="no-underline pv2 grow db"><img class="w-100" src="/images/screenshot.png"></a>

{% include gumroad-overlay.html id="supply" %}

to get a product display overlay with a Gumroad button like this:

I demand Supply!


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Please use and contribute to Supply on GitHub

Software: Jekyll

Format: web

Supply, a Jekyll theme for e-commerce powered by Gumroad.

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